Shiny Makeup! We’re gonna shine bright under the starry sky!

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My friends and I did a Casual Sailor Moon group based off of the Sailor Moon Crystal opening with a special cameo from Naru!

After the line annoyance on Thursday night, my friend and I decided to have a 2AM Belle photoshoot in our hotel. Quite possibly one of our better decisions :D I adore how these turned out!

Belle: lissierosedesign
Photographer: amindonamission
Locations: The Royal Sonesta in Baltimore

More pictures:!belle-ballgown/c1nyh




Thank you so much for posting these! :D



My favorite moment from Otakon is in this photo set. Not everyday I get proposed to with five dozen eggs…

So…apparently you’re supposed to skin the rabbit BEFORE cooking it? 

Podrick Payne is ready to premiere at Otakon!

So…apparently you’re supposed to skin the rabbit BEFORE cooking it?

Podrick Payne is ready to premiere at Otakon!

I JUST MADE A VICTORIAN DRESS IN ABOUT FOURTEEN HOURS! The dress was decided on five days ago. Half of the fabric order came in yesterday while I was at work. (The other half didn’t come in on time. I had needed four yards to make the underskirt. I was only able to buy two yards of kind similar fabric, but I made it work! Yeah. That’s right. Try to figure that out.) I made the bulk of it working ten hours straight today. It’s not stage accurate and I had to take shortcuts to meet the deadline but I did it!

Special thanks to littleladylizzy for making this challenge possible!


I’d once more like to thank lissierosedesign for being an utter saint and letting me borrow her gorgeous barmaid dress for Connecticon with my Doctor, skinny-suits. Every detail is beautiful and I can’t even believe that I’m wearing such a thing. I’ll be in it for the BBC shoot on Saturday and the Whovians are Cool panel! Thanks, Melissa!

I won’t be in Connecticon, but a good friend of mine will be and she’ll be wearing my original Barmaid Clara dress! (And she looks absolutely fabulous!)

I threw together a quick Agent Peggy Carter cosplay for Wizard World Philadelphia so I could join in on a Women of Marvel group with my friends. (Yes, this is a Amazon and eBay assembled cosplay) Once we realized that the crashed plane greenhouse was nearby, a photoshoot needed to happen.

Peggy Carter: lissierosedesign

Photos by: amindonamission 

Hairstylist: reignsupreme-inyourdreams

I’m at the point where my thoughts are pretty much “I should do laundry, I probably should clean…or I can start making a database of EVERY SINGLE GAME OF THRONES COSTUME FROM SEASONS 1-3 TO BE USED AS A REFERENCE FOR COSPLAYERS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!”

I wanted to share my two favorite moments from Wizard World Philadelphia this past weekend. 

First, a little girl was eyeing Rhaegal on my shoulder, so I knelt down so she could get a better look. I told her she could pet him and I moved his head right as she did. She giggled with delight and said, “I think he’s real!” I smiled and said, “I think he likes you!”

Second, as Peggy Carter, I had Tony Stark, Loki, and Sho Nuff drop and give me twenty. It made me feel very powerful XD